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lundi 15 février 2016

The iPhone 5se Air and iPad 3 available on March 18?

Holding a special event next month will now actually bigger question, and this is Tuesday, March 15, which was chosen by Apple to make its first presentations of the year products (  : Un événement spécial Apple le 15 mars 2016 ?. Also new for the Apple Watch bracelets and perhaps new Macs, are the 5se iPhone and iPad Air 3 will be the most anticipated of the public. But when will they be available? According to our colleagues from   9to5Mac, always well informed, the marketing of these new products is very fast: the launch would be on Friday March 18 without phase pre-orders.
The successors of iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2 should therefore find the way shops in just over a month, and it is more than ever advisable to wait if you intend to buy a small or large phone Apple tablet. Even if the current products fit you perfectly and you do not need any new future models, wait a little bit you will benefit from lower prices, especially for the iPad Air 2, which is less frequently discounted as iPhone 5s.