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mardi 25 août 2015

25% discount on terminals Time Capsule

 If you were planning to buy a Time Machine backup system for your Mac, here's a perfect offer: CDiscountvery fit today offers "BIM5" code that allows an immediate 5% discount for all orders above € 199. This is relatively low, but the hotspots Apple are already available with substantial discounts compared to the l'Apple Store . The 2 TB model is proposed to  295 €  instead of € 369, and finds himself at € 280.25 and once applied coupon, or promotion of -24.1%. 3TB model, it is proposed to 397,41 €  instead of € 499, and finds himself at € 377.54 with coupon or promotion of -24.4%.

Note that the code "BAM10" allows an immediate 10% discount for orders over € 399, which is barely above the price of the Time Capsule 3TB. Buy an inexpensive product as an accessory can therefore afford to reach this level and save a little more. Caution, however, no expiration date is given for promotion codes that we have seen: if the offer interests you, do not delay