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vendredi 29 mai 2015

No, Apple has not released the iPhone 6c by mistake ...

Many sites have not hesitated to take information: Apple has unveiled by mistake and on its own website the successor to the iPhone 5c! A strange visual on the   page de l'Apple Store   of the new Lightning Dock Apple  indeed showed last week an iPhone 5c with a Touch button ID instead classic button-free fingerprint sensor. Once spotted blunder, Apple reacted quickly and replaced by that of a visual quite present the catalog model.

This is a product that was long awaited by some users of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus a dock equipped with a Lightning socket! Apple has heard this request and marketed as a dock on its online store today. The price is salty, at   45 € especially as the Lightning Dock iPhone comes without AC adapter and without Lightning cable. This new product has at least the merit to exist, and indeed has the advantage of having an output 3.5 mm jack to directly connect the iPhone to a stereo while charging.

So that's a very nice little novelty even if it has a good chance to remain confidential because of its price and its really more aesthetic than functional utility. The new dock is available today through the   l'Apple Store  with free shipping, and should soon find the way physical stores.