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jeudi 26 février 2015

Google Advertising

Google Advertising
Advertising campaigns have always been at the helm of promotion. A campaign could get higher returns or simply ruin the image of a brand or a product. Generally speaking, Offline campaigns are time consuming, very uncertain, tedious to implement (owing to the availability of media space) and it is very difficult to evaluate the effects of the campaign. An offline campaign may or may not get the desired outcome and can cost you a lot of money.
These shortcomings can be overcome by throwing the campaign online. In the era of digital marketing it becomes essential to have an online presence. However, online presence isn’t the motive. The aim of any business is to get the traffic and converting them into customers. An advertisement has to be read by the potential customers.
Wondering how you can make people to read your advertisement? Answer is Google Advertising!
Google advertising is very effective and result oriented platform. Google is the most widely used search engine. The effectiveness of google advertising can be estimated from the fact that every one of us prefers to google anything and everything that we want to know about. And this is how a person doing relevant search come across your advertisement and read it too.
Google's advertising platform is commonly known as Google Adwords or Pay per Click (PPC). Google adwords is the most effective way of advertising in digital media. It has many advantages in contrast to other vehicle of advertising. Some of the advantages are:
Pay for results
Yes, with Google ads you pay only when a potential customer click your advertisement. There are no charges for the placement of ads on the result page of search engine. Even if people don’t click on your ads then too you are generating awareness about your brand and that too for free!
Google ads let you know how many people click on your ads and how many people noticed the ads. Besides, with the help of tracking tool you can know the contribution of the ads in your sales.
Flexibility and control
You can choose the location to put your ads. Also, Google ads allow you to choose the keywords too.
Budget is not a constraint
Another benefit of google ads is that you can start with any budget. You can control the cost by earmarking budget on daily or monthly basis. Moreover you can decide the amount you would want to pay for keywords.
Stop, Start, pause, Test
Google advertising let you exercise freedom to stop your campaign or to resume or to halt it for some time and then throwing it again.
Level playing field
Google ads provide a level playing field to all entrepreneurs irrespective of the time they are into the business or the popularity of the brands.
So, do you want to make your ads live using Google ads? Come to us, we provide all the means and ways which can boost you business and create an identity in digital marketing. Our experts are well trained to upgrade and enhance the ranking to be at top globally. They know how to design an ad to drive more traffic. Our experts are experienced in Google Adword management.
We provide following services:
Business analysisKeyword analysis (Addition & Deletion)Ads group segmentationCompetitors researchBid managementAd Copy creation or testing against control adsLanding page design and contentSetting Campaign and analysis its dataGoogle analytics analysisRegular scheduled analysis reportConversion metric analysis and adjustment
Our monthly PPC fees are fixed and based on complexity of a campaign. Our clients are able to maximize the rate of investment of their online advertising and saving time and money. Our experts creates PPC campaigns closely, organize and update them regularly to reflect changing traffic patterns and help you to reach goals and to increase your clients. Our PPC services are cost effective and deliver maximum benefits from online marketing.