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mardi 22 juillet 2014

Why Huawei Ascend P7 gives complex to Samsung and Apple

Here's the new star of Chinese appliance giant smartphones, Huawei, which now stands in third place worldwide according to IDC. Let us say at the outset, the Ascend P7 is a smartphone that leaves no one indifferent. Far from it ... 

His critics say it is a pale copy of the Apple iPhone 5, XXL, with a bonus ON / OFF switch on the right side, worthy of Sony Xperia. Others will see a beautiful visual and technical prowess for a device with a 5-inch screen, the light weight of 124 grams and thickness of 6.5 mm. 

First with his extremely successful design. The brushed metal finish on the edge is the most beautiful effect, in the image of its Full HD (1.920x1.280 pixels) screen that displays 445 pixels per inch, a level that few high-end smartphones are now entitled . The device operates on Android 4.4.2 with a KitKat wrapper home that perfectly fits the trend of flat design. Again the effect is very nice. 

On the technical side, the camera against a little train. It is equipped with a processor that house shows its limits compared to the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon competition. It also has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Can increase its capacity through a microSD port. Note that it can also accommodate a second SIM card, according to usage. If tools AnTuTu benchmark type is used, the camera is unable to match its main rivals and ranks far enough from the Galaxy Samsung S5 (see test) or the HTC One (M8) (see test ). 

The selfies and groufies honor 

Like all manufacturers, Huawei focuses on photography, with a first dorsal sensor 13 million pixels and a front sensor 8,000,000 pixels for surf fashion selfies. And it even has a feature panoramic selfie or "groufie" for taking self portraits group. The photos are generally of good quality, even in low light. But do not expect a wouaouh effect. It makes the job without extra. 

Finally, it is with a very useful application to better manage the battery by optimizing power. Especially that one should not expect miracles, it hard to make ends the day with heavy use. 

The Ascend P7 is sold on the internet from 370 euros. An ultra-aggressive price for a camera that rivals the big stars of the premium segment. This is probably the smartphone with the best quality price ratio moment. Makes you wonder if it is still really worth spending over 600 euros!


L'Ascend P7 de Huawei au banc d'essai par Challenges