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vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Is it a video and pictures of the new iPad Air to be presented on October 16?


Is it a video and pictures of the new iPad Air to be presented on October 16? 
APPLE - A Vietnamese blog has published stolen pictures of what could be the new Ipad 2 Air (sixth generation iPad). A look that seems credible but ...  


Organized leak stolen device from production lines or stolen photos time for a "loan" fast. Hard to know where do these images published this Wednesday, Oct. 8 while the keynote will be held Oct. 16, from Apple to formalize the date today. 

But these images seem relatively credible because the design of the tablet is close to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you believe these photos, the thickness is only 7 mm (against 6.9 mm for the 6 and 7.1 mm for the 6 Plus). 

Still unsure of what antiglare screen 

The images also show an adaptation of ergonomics consistent with both smartphones launched last September. The management buttons have been copied from those phones. However, the button "mute" (or rotation lock) seems to have disappeared. Moreover, one can also discover that the Home button below the screen is rimmed metal. In principle, this means that the Air iPad 2 (or iPad 6?) Will in turn features the Touch ID function (code fingerprints). 

What about the anti-glare filter? This rumor, proposed by Bloomberg, is not supported by this iPad 2 Air appears to be a prototype (the finish is not perfect). People of the blog that had the tablet in hand could not turn it on and thus validate the existence of this special glass processing. Also hard to say if it consists of a Saphhire glass (tempered glass, more scratch resistant).